Our Partners

The key to success for the RI Data Sharing Project is the partnerships that are formed between state government, our state agency offices, our towns and communities, and the various organizations and institutions working to support Rhode Islanders.

Our vision is that all of Rhode Island state agencies will be active partners in sharing data and finding new ways to work with shared data through this project. We’re off to a great start, and Rhode Island is a national leader in this work, but we still have a long way to go.

To date, the data sharing and involvement of agencies and non-government partners has been focused on the “SLDS” spectrum of education, adult education, and workforce development. What we’ve learned is that until we can work with data from all aspects of Rhode Islanders’ lives, we can’t fully understand some of the issues and challenges facing our state. The goal of the RI Data Project is to engage as many partners as possible to share reporting data, help develop data stories, prioritize issues and questions to investigate, and ultimately put data into action by informing better policies and improving practices.

Here is a representative list of the agencies and organizations that have been involved in this initiative. Please contact us for more information or to learn how your organization can contribute to and/or benefit from our work.